Thursday, April 17, 2014

Spring has sprung over at Livy Lou’s!

Have you seen our amazing windows for Easter?! If not, make sure to stop by and have a look. We’re loving the warm weather and blooming trees. The changing seasons call for an update on everyone’s favorite local boutique! Florals, sweet spring colors and feminine cuts are all included in our spring merchandise.

We are also having three sales: come in and find some great merchandise before it’s gone… The best time to buy winter jackets and sweaters is now, because they’re all discounted at 50%! We also have Spring Merchandise that is discounted 30%. We’re continuing our Easter Egg Sale this coming Friday and Saturday (April 19th and 20th). If you haven’t heard, this sale is simple and guarantees you a discount; when you’re ready to checkout, you may choose an Easter egg, each with a different discount! You may receive up to 30% off your purchase.  Don’t miss this great chance to save some money on adorable clothes! 

 We hope you’re enjoying this fabulous weather as much as we are, and we’d love to see you soon! Happy Easter and happy Spring from the Livy Lou’s Team!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hello darlings!

We recently just got in a TON of new items and thought it appropriate for our gorgeous friend and shopper to model a few of our favorite pieces. Zoe was a great sport as we threw ensembles at her to try on. We focused on varying silhouettes and styles that are perfect for ever-changing early spring weather!      

First, Zoe is wearing a new brown and turquoise tunic with a blue cardigan and chunky turquoise necklace, all brought together with a leather brown snap belt!

We layered our turquoise Sea Shell Blouse
over the tunic and loved the result!                                                             Peacock feather clip

We love our new Signs of Spring Poncho... they have been so popular already!

                                           Adorable back detail on our Spring Flower Shirt

Sassy and sophisticated! We adore this skirt-- perfect pleats, silky material, and pockets!

 This picture was taken in our new salon!

We hope all of you can come and see these great pieces in person!

The Livy Lou's Team

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Outfit of the Week, New Furniture from Twice Lovely, and New Merchandise!

It has sure been a busy week for us down at Livy Lou's with moving in furniture and unpacking new clothes. We're especially excited about our new clothes-- we hope you'll like them as much as we do.
The weather in our little town has been unusually warm, so come down, get a drink at one of the local coffeeshops and do a little shopping! We stocked up on cozy sweaters (for that chill in the shade), but also some flirty dresses and feminine blouses to layer. Of course, our prices are always reasonable, and, remember, there are still a few things on the sale rack.

Sweet Anne Marie from Twice Lovely brought it some of her new pieces, and it has taken some will power not to immediately take home the vintage wood dresser or gorgeous floral grandfather clock. She also brought in a couple awesome headboards. In other words, come see her beautiful and unique furniture before it's gone!

The outfit of the week features our brown leather jacket, adorable cream lace shorts, bow belt, layered necklaces, and our new cotton candy pink knit sweater. We would probably pair this ensemble with tights and a low brown boot. The leather jacket and hard jewelry toughens up the fun frilly lace of the shorts and unbelievably soft sweater. This outfit reminded us of pink and rust clouds during an Arizona sunset. There is an old rhyme, "Red sky at night, sailor's delight," meaning the weather for the next day would be nice, and our weather has been nothing but fabulous. This outfit reminds us that winter is definitely still here, but to take advantage of the warmer temperatures while they last, however brief.
Sweet with tougher details
Bow belt and peacock necklace

Gotta love that pink sweater

new Twice Lovely furniture

xox, the Livy Lou's Team

Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello from Livy Lou's

Friends, Readers, Customers:
Finally, after a two year absense from the blogging world, we have returned to the keyboard to inform our loyal customers of the events down at 208 Montezuma. We hope that our blog may be yet another way to discover our charming shop from anywhere. Sales to style advice to events will be frequently posted here. Even though the shop isn't breaking news to the fashion community of Prescott, Arizona, we are always getting in new shipments or changing things up. There is never a lack of entertainment, excitement, or enjoyment working at this one-of-a-kind, small town boutique!
Thanks for clicking by!
xo, Livy Lou's

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Our store

Livy Lou's
clothing and creations
Nor His Nor Hers

A boutique for women...but definitly couldn't have done it with out the touch of many men.
Thanks to husbands and dads for making this day possible. We opened our doors December 4th, ribbon cutting and all!
A special thanks to mothers and sisters who have put in long
hours of shopping, painting and pricing! We might be crazy...but we were all crazy together.
Some of the things we specialize in...
Affordable - Womens contemporary Clothing
and accessories
Black Crow a sweet tooth?!
The Pampered Olive - body products
Persnickety Walls - Vinyl Designs and Lettering
Shabby Chic Furniture
Come down and clothes all the time!
208 S. Montezuma Street
Prescott, AZ 86303